Day out with Sculptures and friends at Cottesloe.

Well I was glad to have my first day off work and my wife knowing this already had something planned for us.

The sculptures by the sea event in Cottesloe is apparently held once a year, but having just moved to the area not long ago my wife and I did not know about this. Always good to see something new and exciting and it seems the others agree.

The Cottesloe beach and foreshore area were packed. Good luck getting parking or a bite to eat without waiting a while. Nevertheless, it was a great day out. The art was great to admire and the atmosphere was good. Lots of families and good for the children.

My wife and I had planned to catch up with some friends there but as we were early we too the chance to gaze upon the sculptures and stroll the beachside with the children before our friends arrived.

For anyone planning on going next year I highly recommend it. Bring a rug and a picnic and have a good time. ^^

#Cottesloe #beach #event #2017 #westernaustralia #summer


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