Prison Officer to Gardener.

For those who have been reading my blog, I’ll give you some insight in to how I ended up where I am today. I’ll make it brief and readable.

I was training and fighting out of different gyms and then naturally took up a certification through TAFE in fitness/personal training. It is there that I met my future wife. Thing is she was neither a citizen nor a permanent resident. After a while of dating I knew I wanted to marry this woman, so I made the move and proposed.

The wedding ceremony was quick. We were made husband and wife in a registry office, however we made the most of the function by having it set up at the beautiful river side of the swan river.

I continued doing what I had been doing before, training as a fighter, however moved out of my small rural town to the city of Perth. A big move for a country boy. I started training out of a reputable muay thai gym in bayswater with past and future state, national and world champions. At the same time I started working for a security company as casual and quickly secured a permanent post and negotiated my contract with them to full time-permanent. I then got promoted to site supervisor after working under a year.

1 1/2 years later I was in talks with my Father who was considering retiring. I was asking if he would be happy for me to take over his small business. At the time he was not for it, and life was moving fast for me. As well as doing everything I was doing, I began online university study and shortly thereafter found out my wife and I would be having a child.

It is around that time I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for prison officer needed, no experience required, but must undergo 3 months of rigorous training. Upon successful completion of the training the applicant would become licenced to work as a corrections officer and their pay would more than double.

I had nothing to lose, and since I was not taking over my Fathers business anytime soon, decided to take the risk. It paid off and I passed training and graduated as a part of course 30. Just before the end of my training bootcamp I became a father to my first girl ‘Sophie’.

After 3 1/2 years of working in the prison environment and growing to love it as well as meeting many great people amongst my fellow colleagues, I decided to quit. My father was going downhill and started suffering the first stages of short term memory loss and dementia. He was retiring all of a sudden and now had a change of heart and wanted me to take over the business. My wife and I at the time had already been paying off a house in Aveley. As my wife and I had seriously been discussing the idea of giving her the opportunity to do university study, I quit my job at the prison and took over my Fathers dwindling business for the sake of being more flexible with my time and allowing my wife to enroll in her psychology degree at the University of Western Australia.

To do so I had to stop my study, which was not a huge deal for me. The last year had been almost impossible and I had been forced to drop out of my units each time as supporting my study had become too hard for my wife to bare. She had been suffering severely from depression on and off and though her mind would change back to wanting to support me, it would not last more than a few weeks.

I figured, she has been doing it hard for a long time and it is probably more beneficial for our future if she achieves something first and has a sense of happiness and satisfaction, therefore, allowing me to also continue my studies thereafter rather than vice versa.

So now with our first home in the wine region of swan valley on the market for rent, we have once again become tenants ourselves of a rental nearby UWA. My wife is walking distance from school, we are 5 minutes drive from the kids school and day care, and I am a couple of minutes drive from most of my work, plus the environment is much more pleasant than where either of us have ever lived before.

Business is booming and has more than tripled in profit and I am constantly trying to improve my knowledge and service delivery because I know my whole family now depend on my ability to deliver. I can no longer have a bad day and decide to take it easy and cruise through the day and still receive a pay check. Now I get out what I put in, and it sure as hell is giving back.



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