Korea trip makes for expediated language learning.

Hi everyone.

So, after less than a year of running my small gardening business I took over from my father, I am already planning to do the unheard of.

Most small business owners who run a service/trade business can’t even dream of taking a holiday out of state, however, in late November this year I plan on crossing borders and visiting my wifes country of birth  (South Korea).

The trip is long overdue as we have been married several years now and her Mother and Father have only ever visited Australia. Now it is my turn…i’m so excited!

My plan as the successor or my fathers business to empower my wife by allowing her to study and have my children grow up in a nice area has been a success so far. Business is expanding and my workers are in the move bringing in the money. Ofcourse, an increase in paperwork results from more employees, but with a good sytem in place paperwork can be done from anywhere.

I have been self studying korean in a pretty laxed way for a while now, but as a trip to Korea is now in the cards, the urgency to become conversational has increased.

As I manage my own business, and care for my family, I don’t have any unrealistic expectations about becoming fluent beforehand. I will however be stepping my game up even if it means many sleepless nights.

(Fingers crossed) Hope this pays off and I will keep you all updated on my progress and the details of my visit.


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