Business automation

So far the plan to somewhat automate my business is on track.

I now have two workers who are bringing in money. The problem I have realised is that inly about 20% of the customers have invoices emailed and the rest receive them in the post. Which means I need to mail them off regularly and also archive the copies.

So I figure I will need to get in touch with all my customers and see whether they would like to receive email invoices instead and record to necessary details. All I will need to do then when I am in Korea late this year is email most of the invoices off, and the ones which I have emailed off I will record their invoice numbers in a notebook ao I may print copies out for archiving when I return to Australia.

Hopefully enough people opt for email invoices so i can keep cadh flow moving. The remaining invoices I will need to print somewhere in Korea and use their postal system to send out. That will be an interesting new experience for me…maybe even a new opportunity to improve my language in that area.

That is my plan anyway. Try to experience many things in order to not just learn the culture but to improve my language. So nervous about the trip…mainly nervous about leaving a business to run on its own, but to experience new things I’ll have to take risks.


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