Busy busy

Hello readers.

The last two days has been fairly frantic so apologies for being absent

As for yerterday, I have been in a headspin getting things on track. The busiest few months of the year in my business have come up and I have not sent out reminders as per usual for past customers to have their lawns sprayed for weeds. Therefore, I have been up most the night as of late writing up personalised circulars for over 300 customers. The monotony of it all has become an unbeknownst dregory to those around me hence my absence. I have resorted to more Nootropics than usual and coffee to reverse the possible sleepy effect of excess Nootropics. 

As for today, It was a bit more relaxed. I spent the first half of the day as a volunteer worker at my eldest daughters Kindy. I have bern working in peoples garden for the latter half of the day and since have showered and got a new haircut. It was long overdue. Really happy with the job ‘Maurice Mead Hair salon’ in Claremont did. Will deffinitely go back.

Hope to improve my pictures and writing as I develop my blog. Thanks all.


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