So a few days just gone I went to the Perth Zoo with my two daughters whilst my wife was doing her University exams.

The zoo day was a group event that was arranged by my eldest daughters Primary School. As the primary school is seperated from the kindergarten section, there were only a few kids and their parents who attended from my daughters Kindy. The rest has children from the primary school whom I did not know. Therefore, when I arrived I stuck with those I knew and we went around in our own little group.

It was good fun, Sophie got tomhave lunch and pat snakes and tortoises etc with her friends whilst I got to spend some time getting to know the childrens parents better. It helped having my father there (Sophies grandad) as my youngesr daughter Alicia who is 1 1/2 years old was grumpy the whole time. By about 2:30pm or just after it became all too much for Alicia who was tired so we called it a day and left early, catching all the sites on the way out. As we got to keep moving while by ourselves, Alicia found it all the more easier to dose off with the motion of the pram.

All told it was a great day and thanks to ‘Jimmy’, the Father of Sophies school friend ‘Eliana’, I have some great photos to share.



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