A series of unfortunate events.

Hey all.

What is supposed to be the upside of the year for me and the most profitable has so far turned out to be quite the oposite.

The vehicle used to tow the spraying rig around was put in for repair for about 2 months due to complications getting parts from America and due to the inexperience and incompetence of people in Australia working on Hummers.

Next was flu season. With the flu going around, the first victim was my wife, followed by my eldest daughter Sophie, then my youngest daughter Alicia. My father who has been assisting with the busy weed spraying season then got a nasty flu which became a viral infection. I took him for several tests with specialists and to a couple of doctors appointments. With medication the virus is now gone but the tests reveal possible blood in his bowels so I understand. Apparently, worst case scenario, my father may have early signs of bowel cancer. As my father has never bothered with private health insurance he is now faced with being out of pocket a substantial amount or going to a public hospital to have his bowels looked at. He opted public hospital (not like he had much choice). Now he will most likely have to be on the waiting list for a few months before he is called to attend.

Meanwhile, I had a bad bout of gastroenteritis, followed by my youngest daughter getting conjunctivitis, followed by my wife getting gastro also.

Finally, eveything got back on track. My father and I went out to work and a van slammed in to the back of my Fathers Hummer crumpling the back of it in. Now he needs to arrange it to be repaired once again. Just when we thought we couldn’t be hindered any more…

If it wasnt the accident holding us up then this never ending terrential downpour we are having most everyday probably would. Hopefully, when the weather clears up we have a vehicle to use and still have enough time to finish off the lawn spray season.

I told myself a few days ago that now it was time to step it up a notch and take my korean language study seriously, but with the ramifications of this series of unfortunate events, one can’t help but put things in to perspective, as disapointing as it may be.

My wife came home telling me about another white guy she saw at Sophies Saturday Korean Classes. She told me how he can talk Korean and how I can meet him next time and practice my Korean with him…no pressure!! -_-


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